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TGW Stingray ASRS Mini-Load Shuttle

Problems ASRS Solves:​

  • High-volume SKU storage, storage of slow-moving SKUs​

  • Leverage head space for storage – more efficiently than pick modules​

  • Inefficient use of labor for slow-moving SKUs, Mix of low and high-velocity SKUs in a picking operation​

  • Inaccuracies in order fulfillment ​

  • Harsh working environments ​


Typical Applications: 

  • High-Density Storage

  • Buffering

  • Consolidation

  • Order Picking and Sequencing​



Depending on SKU velocity and configuration (number of shuttles and if shuttles are dedicated to a single level or shared across levels utilizing a shuttle lift). The system is scalable to add shuttles to increase performance up to 1400 cartons/totes/aisle per hour.

ASRS Differentiators

TGW Stingray Differentiators:

  • Energy Efficiency – Patented energy recovery system where brake energy is stored temporarily in supercapacitors and reused for accelerating shuttles​

  • Leading technology for freezer applications down to -22 degrees F  ​

  • Failure-free communication technology via conductor rail – Other ASRS are based on failure-prone WLAN communication​

  • High availability – Partial aisle deactivation allows individual areas to be serviced while the rest of the system runs at peak operation.  

Differentiators of ASRS technology:​

  • High Density Storage – When space is a premium, utilize head space for dense storage ​

  • Efficient Storage: Optimizes slot locations for slower movers and consolidates skus over time.  ​

  • Optimized Labor – Eliminates walk and pick time for slow movers, goods-to-person arrangement delivers totes to order stations. ​

  • High Reliability – Provided by the use of redundant/alternating shuttles that allows a shuttle to be maintained and provide a replacement, ease of maintenance. ​

  • Ability to remove or limit human interaction in harsh environments such as hot warehouses or freezer environments

Features & Benefits

Features: ​

  • Can carry totes, trays, cartons(Stingray N/V or Stingray WA N/V) or hanging goods (Stingray HG)​

  • Loads up to 50 kg (~110 pounds)​

  • Modular, Flexible, and High performance – can use two load handling devices per shuttle lift or tote lift up to 98 ft high​

  • Shuttle lift (transport between individual levels) or Tote Lift (transport to the handover positions of shuttle levels) available​

  • Single of double gondola design – double provides redundancy​

  • Fully automatic transport to the maintenance position​

  • Scalable number of Stingrays/aisle​


  • Low storage location costs due to multi-deep storage with Stingray Wide Aisle Technology.​

  • Sustainable and energy efficient by equipping all components with energy management energy recovery systems​

  • Can use under ambient to freezer down to -30 Fahrenheit​

  • Seamless Maintenance thanks to an integrated maintenance platform, automated shuttle replacement, and diagnostic tools ​

  • High availability due to redundancy

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