TREW TKO (Tech King Operations) provides software solutions for warehouse, distribution, manufacturers and retailers to orchestrate flow of materials, information, people and automation equipment for reliable and productive fulfillment operations.

  • Ecommerce Fulfillment

  • Retail Distribution

  • Liquor Distribution

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing Distribution

  • Express and 3PL Parcel

  • Electronics

  • Equipment Manufacturers

  • Publishing


Established in 2000, TKO has delivered hundreds of successful projects around the globe using a proven and collaborative project methodology.

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Key Benefits

  • 20 years of solution know how and experience integrating OEM automation equipment

  • Customer centric tailored solutions built out of standard modular software

  • Proven collaborative software delivery process working with integrators and their customers

  • Backed by 24x7 in-house professional technical support staff