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CHAMP™ Warehouse Control System

Manages real-time material handling automation flow streamlining operations and empowering operators, maintenance and management to make decisions based on current performance and statistical information. CHAMP WCS puts you in control of your system through a web enabled mobile user interface, and real-time control built with proven standard software components.

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​Host Interface​

  • Real-time carton information download

  • Carton lane assignment table downloads

  • System Forecast Counts

  • Production Wave Planning

  • Diverted carton information uploads

  • TCP/IP or FTP Ethernet host connections

PLC Interface

  • Routing Directives

  • Label Information

  • I/O Messages

  • Ethernet

CHAMP WCS connects the Warehouse Management (WMS), ERP and custom host system business environment to real-time material handling automation through a high-performance communications broker and carton tracking system. CHAMP was designed with a flexible and proven architecture that has delivered results in a wide range of applications.

  • Dynamic Wave Processing 

  • Batch or Real-time Barcode Lookups 

  • Store to Door and Route Stop Sortation 

  • Container/Carton Tracking 

  • Pack and Pass Systems 

  • High-Speed Merging 

  • High-Speed Sortation 

  • Automated Print and Apply 

  • Conveyor Flow Control 

  • Robotic Cell Control 

20 Years of Experience Integrating 3rd Party OEM Equipment 

CHAMP WCS removes complexity of typical control system architectures by communicating directly with hosts systems, system I/O and PLCs to eliminate interface points of failure and streamline real-time and historical data handling. Connecting with host software and the most common devices found in warehouses including PLCs, scanners, scales, and printers; CHAMP provides the tools for operations and maintenance to take control of operations without needing sperate PLC programming software. 

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  • System Statistics and Diagnostics 

  • I/O Diagnostics and Debugging 

  • Historical Reporting 

  • Real-time Web-based User Interface 

  • Container Tracking and Lookup 

  • Graphical System Status and Alarms


  • Based on 20 years of system experience, processes and interfaces are designed hardware agnostic, allowing for integration of most OEM hardware 

  • Extension OEM equipment integration experience – see our list here 

  • Proven host interface and project methodology reduces project risk  

  • Mobile interface allows visibility to production and system health anywhere in the building  

  • Can be run on customer VM environment, providing failover, security and overall control 

  • Puts real-time operational and maintenance tools in the hands of those that need it

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