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Getting items to the right place at the right time is a fundamental need in fulfillment operations. Success requires a combination of software, hardware and know-how to create the right solution. Sorter applications include facility routing, order consolidation, inventory distribution, workstation balancing, buffering, staging, shipping and more; often functions mission critical for operations.

There are number of factors that go into designing the right solution such as the type of items being handled, how items are packaged, product flow to the sorter, method of inducting items to the sorter, ability to take items away from the sorter, not to mention the sorter technology capabilities. When applied correctly, sortation unlocks operational capacity and efficiency, if it can become a capacity restraint impacting operational flow throughout the entire operation.


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High-Speed Sortation   100–300 cpm+

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TrewSort™ Sliding Shoe Sorter

Trew’s Sliding Shoe Sorter delivers high-capacity, high accuracy, gentle positive divert sortation of cartons, totes, jiffys, and polybags.  Sliding shoe sorters are used in routing and shipping operations and are typically mission critical for successful operations.  TrewSort’s AI self-learning actuators and inherent design for operations, maintenance, and installation deliver sortation capabilities to keep your systems running reliably at peak performance.


Mid-Rate Sortation   45–120 cpm

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Popup-Wheel sorters are used in carton and tote applications for routing flow in a building and low-rate shipping applications. Utilizes identical parts as Series K and Series 1500, which reduces the overall spare parts required for a system.

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Sweeper Sorter

Sweeper Sorters provide a compact footprint for sortation of small products to densely aligned destination; ideal for applications such as books, pharmaceutical products, small packages, polybags, mail, multimedia and jewelry.

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90º Narrow-Belt Line Sorter

90⁰ Narrow-Belt Line Sorters provide quiet higher throughput bi-directional transfers of cartons and totes where their orientation is not maintained; ideal for buffering and routing applications with a high number of parallel divert lanes.

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30º Narrow-Belt Line Sorter

30⁰ Narrow-Belt Line Sorters divert items using pop-up wheels located at various locations along the length of the sorter. The design features quiet bi-directional diverting of cartons and totes while maintaining orientation.


Low Rate Sortation   < 45 cpm


Motorized Roller Diverts

Motorized Roller Diverts are typically part of a motorized roller solution often used in low-rate tote and carton handling application. 

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Right Angle Transfers

Right Angle Transfers are typically part of a motorized roller solution transporting totes and cartons, often used in pick-and-pass and workstation areas. 

Unit Sortation

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Push Tray Unit Sorter

Push Tray Unit Sorters are flexible single sided sorters capable of handling a wide range of products like polybag, apparel, odd-shaped items to heavy cartons on the same sorter, using a pusher element to positively divert products. In applications with a wide range of items size, the twin pusher design can double the throughput capacity of the sorter.

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Split Tray Unit Sorter

Split Tray Unit Sorters are used to sort relatively lightweight items in high throughput ecommerce, omnichannel, retail fulfillment, postal, laundry, and pharmaceutical applications. Due to the unique tray shape, non-conveyable and round objects can be handled on this sorter in addition to standard products, such as apparel, postal flats and packages, books, pharmaceuticals, polybags, multi-media, jewelry, accessories and more.

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Cross Tray Unit Sorter

Cross Tray Unit Sorter is used in applications that need to sort the smallest, lightest, and least conveyable items. The sorter is suitable for small parcels, ecommerce items, fashion, shoe boxes, sportswear and pharmaceutical products.

A sorter is only a part of the story in tailoring a solution for your business. During conception, we will listen to you about your business and goals, collaboratively work through alternatives for induction, sortation logic, destination configurations, after-sort design, and the operations downstream of the sort.

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