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In many operations the changing business environment drives a need for flexibility that can scale and adapt. Fixed automation fulfillment excels in operations where speed and efficiency are critical, and inventory profiles and operational flows are well known. Manual operations provide the ultimate flexibility for a business to adapt processes while struggle with staffing, speed and accuracy. Robotics can help when you need more than manual processes can provide.


A range of robotic systems are available that can help. Figuring out the best-fit answer for a business often involves defining a combination of process and multiple technologies that can deliver flexibility, scale and a positive return on investment. Making a solution work means integrating the systems for coordinated fulfillment operations.

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  • Integrated Order Fulfillment and Workflow with SmartMoves WX   WES

  • Flexible – reduce or eliminate fixed-path automation

  • Scalable – add capacity without interruption

  • Batch Pick to Tote or Discrete Order Fulfillment


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Robot-To-Goods Picking

Robot-To-Goods Picking automates the each-picking process using Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Robots (AMMR). An AMMR is able to navigate fulfillment center environments using perception, navigation, and manipulation. The system works well with a high SKU count and low-order quantity of consumer-packaged goods typically found in the grocery, health and beauty, and pharmaceuticals markets.

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Robotic Goods-To-Operator

Robotic Goods-To-Operator uses autonomous mobile robots to create a storage and retrieval picking subsystem that includes put-away, inventory storage, replenishment and order picking. The solution is very flexible in how it adapts to changing inventory profiles and order volumes. The modular system architecture of this approach can scale to increase storage volume or fulfillment throughput independently by adding more storage racks or robots, as needed. The subsystem works by tracking inventory stored in racks, and bring the racks required to fulfill an order to an operator station. The operator picks from racks as they are presented, and consolidates items required for an order.

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Robotic Putwalls

Robotic Putwalls automate less than full case order consolidation process using robotic arms and graspers to pick and then place items into order bins. The solution is ideal for apparel and small items, using artificial intelligence to learn how to identify and pick. The design is a self-contained operational put wall that learns as it goes, growing in efficiency and throughput.


Articulated Arm Robotics

Articulated Arm Robotics automates the handling of pallets, cases and totes to address applications where repetitive motion or heavy lifting by an operator could cause injury or fatigue. A range of applications can be solved such as outbound order palletizing, inbound case depalletizing, or decasing inventory into totes.

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