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Conveyor Systems

The best type of conveyance systems for operations are the ones they don’t have to think about. The conveyance does its job as the lifeblood of product movement in distribution and fulfillment facility, and they can be confident it will get products where they need to be. 

We know the right design for a manufacturing, distribution, or warehousing facility can save millions over the course of its operation. Conveyors are one of the technologies that can help.  They are used to move products at rates and capacities that exceed what you would do with alternatives such as AMRs. Whether handling cases, totes, polybags, jiffys or parcels, each system should be designed with the right mix of transportation, accumulation, and intelligent handling conveyor to fit your business. 

& Reliability

High-Speed Merge & Inductions

High-Speed Merge & Inductions are a combination of belt and v-belt live roller conveyors designed to run reliably at high-speeds with minimal maintenance. Combined with intelligent controls they balance building and product flow to create a high-density single stream of products for downstream operations or sortation. 

  • High Speed Belt

  • Slug Release Merge 

  • Zipper/Combiner Merge 

  • Sawtooth Merge 

  • High-Speed Belt Transportation  

  • Slug Belts 

  • Break Meter Belts 

  • Gap Optimizer 

High Speed Junctions & Alignment

V-Belt Live Roller

Dependable, easy to maintain high-speed live roller curves, junctions, spurs, and skews for the highest capacity systems in the market, performing at levels well beyond what traditional motor driven roller design are capable of.  Designs focus on quality of product handling using true tapered curves and tight roller centers, ease of maintenance with inventive V-belt pressure and tensioning devices. 

  • Curves

  • Junctions

  • Spurs

  • Skews

High Capacity Accumulation/

Narrow Belt Live Roller

AC powered Narrow Belt Accumulation conveyor provides zero pressure accumulation for buffering containers, balancing workflow between processes, or building up queues for merger and sortation systems. Design Incorporates intelligent zone control and features to provide high-capacity smooth flow with a wide mix of product sizes and weights. 

  • Narrow Belt Accumulation (NBA)

  • Narrow Belt Transportation (NBT)

20+ Modules = Flexibility

Motor Driven Roller

Motorized Driven Roller conveyor is used for transportation and zero contact accumulation applications with human or robotic interactions or when low voltage (24V), quite operations, energy efficiency, quick installation or flexible layouts are needed. Design focuses on reliability, versatility with a wide range of module types, easy configuration and installation of factory pre-wired conveyor sections, and flexibility through the combination of on-conveyor and system level controls.

  • Inclines / Declines 

  • Intermediates / Curves 

  • Belted Zones 

  • Merge Beds 

  • Pick and Passes 

  • Diverts 

  • Transfers 

  • Gates 

  • Skews 

  • Spirals (Accumulating) 

  • Spurs / Spur Curves 

Reliable & Easy
To Maintain

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is one of the most frequently used conveyors and is very effective for moving cartons, totes, polybags, jiffys and parcels over long distances. Belt and Empty Corrugated (ECC) Conveyor’s modular design incorporates features to maximum the length of conveyor per drive, maximize energy efficiency, reduce catch points, reduce spare parts, provide ease of maintenance features and quiet worry-free operation. 

  • Belt-On-Roller/Slider

  • Inclines/Declines
  • Waterfalls
  • Empty Corrugated Conveyor (ECC)

Mobile, Modular & Quick To Install


MoveIT-Max™ is a quick to install, quick to re-configure, mobile modular transportation conveyor line that can expand the operational readiness and functionality of a given system. Based on Trew’s popular Series 1500 Motorized Roller, MoveIT-Max™ adds special built-in factory features that simplify and speed installation while providing flexible system layouts.

  • Intermediates

  • 45º and 90º Curves

  • S-Curves

  • Personnel Gates

  • Left and Right Hand Skews

  • Triple Threat Skew

  • Herringbone

  • Mega-Herringbone

  • Incline

  • Chute

  • Wheeled leg supports for mobility

  • Quick section connects allow for rapidly assemble, disassemble, and re-assemble

  • 24VDC motors provide quiet reliable operation

  • Electrically pre-wired and connectorized for easy installation

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