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We believe delivering uncommonly smart solutions takes a collaborative team to listen, understand, ideate, plan and execute. That starts with listening to you, then sharing our know-how, having open communications and working together to win together. 

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Staffed by Supply Chain Executives and Operators from industry leading companies.

"We've walked many miles in your shoes."

  • Data Collection and Information Gathering 

  • Business goal definition 

  • Data Analysis  

  • Technology selection and sizing 

  • Workflow and Process definition 

  • Staffing sizing by functional area 

  • ROI for solution(s) 


Proven Team

Proven Approach

Proven Process

  • Former Supply Chain Executives and Operators from major industry leading companies 

  • Data Analysts and Experts from the Supply Chain Industry 

  • Engineers and Designers with in-depth Integration and Software knowledge 

  • Experts in Shop Floor Operations and Lean principles 

  • Data Driven 

  • Collaborative and Explorative 

  • Iterative Process 

  • ROI and Business Case Focused 

  • Concept to Post Go-Live Engagement 

Solution Design

Our solutions team uses a proven consultative approach based on data and your business goals to drive concept ideation, sizing and selection to match your objectives. We focus on improving core metrics aimed at making your operation best-in-class. There is seldom a one-size-fits-all solution; our team’s operational, software and technology know-how guide us together down the path to find the best fit solution.


Who have we worked with? We have experience with supply chain management, warehouse operations and management, fulfillment execution and more; delivering both conveyor-and conveyorless-based material handling equipment solutions.

  • Finalize building needs and layout  

  • Software needs and gap analysis 

  • WCS Interface documents and messaging 

  • Full process flow maps with capacities 

  • Solution Simulation or modelling 

  • Detailed technology design 

  • Software 

  • Hardware 

  • Electrical 

  • Controls 

  • Creation of WCS/WMS/ERP test scripts 

  • Creation of detailed functional test scripts for technology and automation  

  • Development assistance of SOPs for client’s Operations teams 

  • “Train the Trainers” for best practices in maintenance and operations 

  • Coaching on shop floor at go-live – get productive quickly 

  • On-site go live support 


Detailed Engineering

Preparation & Go-Live


  • In-house Electrical and Mechanical Installation 

  • “Installed the way it was designed” 

  • Factory-trained TREW associates lead all crews 

  • Onsite factory supervision 

  • Commitment to all aspects of schedule 

  • Fully licensed and insured 


You expect on-time projects that deliver the promised results. We’ve learned a lot in 20 years of project implementation. Having delivered for the who’s who in retail and ecommerce; from conveyor solutions to flexible order fulfillment operations, we know your success is our success. Our team is staffed with project managers and site leaders that know collaboration, know how, structured methods, and open communications are how results get delivered.




Great experiences are shared, which is why our Customer Experience Team is here to ensure your material handling investments are supported with best in class options for 24x7 technical support, parts, training, assessments, and modifications or upgrades. We are here to help you reach your operational goals.


Resident Maintenance

Finding, training, and retaining skilled technicians for automation is a challenge for operations. Our team can help through staffing, needs assessments, and operational support to allow you to focus on your core business while we focus on your automation. Our resident maintenance services can support you during regular business hours to ensure operational efficiency, take care of OEM-recommended preventative maintenance and spare parts, and provide expert OEM support if a problem occurs.


Technical Support

If your system happens to experience an outage, quick access to knowledgeable, trained support engineers to get your system back to full operations is critical. 

Our in-house 24x7 technical support team is just a phone call, email, online form submission, or a chat away. Support is available in two tiers: Basic for operations needing support Monday thru Friday 8AM-5PM Eastern or Total for 24x7 availability.

With a technical support contract, you will have access to the CX Customer Portal, an incident management system that provides total transparency for incident resolution, documenting all steps taken to resolve issues, ticket escalation and auto email notifications for when your tickets change status. It also includes the TREWUp Knowledge Base with tips and tricks for our most frequently asked support questions.



The easiest way to avoid unplanned downtime is to have parts on site to support your system should a failure occur. Not sure how many parts or how much to stock? We can help you choose the appropriate stocking plan prior to system go-live that fits your budget and maintenance goals. Already have a system? If you know what you need, you can visit our online store. Not sure what you need? We have experienced parts specialists available to help, just give us a call. 



Learning how to safely operate, maintain and troubleshoot your material handling system is as important for your success as getting orders out the door. We provide a combination of classroom and hands on training prior to system turnover, as well as refresher courses to keep your staffs’ skills fresh. Each course is customized to your systems’ content and is taught by experienced material handling technicians. 

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As systems age and experience normal wear and tear, its sometimes difficult to operate them reliably and with a predictable budget. Regular assessments are valuable resource planning and downtime avoidance tools. Our experienced assessors provide a thorough examination of all critical components in your system, delivering a preliminary finding report prior to leaving your site. We will later follow up with a thorough assessment report to help you with lifecycle and maintenance planning.


Modifications & Upgrades

One thing we know for certain is that business changes. Over time, as operational objectives and strategies change, modifications will be needed to your material handling system to solve the new challenges. As technology improves, upgrades become available to help reduce costs, energy usage and to avoid obsolescence. Our Mods & Upgrades Team can help with system operation, software, controls and hardware technology to grow with you as your needs change. 

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