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MODEX 2024

Modex 2024 was a big success! Hosted by MHI this year’s show was the largest yet, showcasing the latest material handling trends and technology.


Trew’s theme was “Orchestrating" Solutions, highlighting the expanded portfolio we manufacture and some of our TREWpartner technologies.  We highlighted our Solutions Development and WES software approach for developing solutions with the right mix of people, process and technologies to deliver time-to-value.


Check out the interactive booth experience below to learn more:

Vertically Integrated Automation Solutions

MODEX 2024 Booth.png


Our booth featured uncommonly smart solutions such as SmartMoves-WX® WES software’s orchestration of fulfillment, linear sortation, Trew conveyor, and integrations partners Geek+, Berkshire Grey and TGW Logistics.


Trew Solutions

Data Science Instructing Solution Design.

"Great automation solutions come from two sources: experience and data. We have both.” 


Trew takes a business approach to understanding operations, business challenges, fulfillment strategy, and operational pain points using data to facilitate collaboration and discovery.  The interactive station shows examples of data-driven insights and how our process turns them into smart solutions.



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Smart Moves Software (3).jpg

SmartMoves-WX® WES

SmartMoves-WX® is a warehouse execution system (WES) that organizes workflow and assignments; coordinating people, process and automation equipment to influence operational outcomes. 


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TrewSort™ - Linear Sortation Shoe Sorter

Trew’s Sliding Shoe Sorter delivers high-capacity, high accuracy, gentle positive divert sortation of cartons, totes, jiffys, and polybags.  Sliding shoe sorters are used in routing and shipping operations and are typically mission critical for successful operations.  TrewSort’s AI self-learning actuators and inherent design for operations, maintenance, and installation deliver sortation capabilities to keep your systems running reliably at peak performance.


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ASRS - 1 - sm.png

TREWpartner - TGW - Automated Storage & Retrieval

North American Debut of the newest TGW Stingray Shuttle

The Stingray system is a powerful, automated shuttle system for totes and cartons with throughput performances of up to 1,500 load carriers per hour in each aisle. It is a highly flexible, modular system designed for high performance, lower storage location costs, optimized space-saving, and includes integrated maintenance and diagnostic tools.


The newest Stingray shuttle incorporates inventive capabilities for:

  • Energy recovery technologies and sustainable material in a design that allows for multi-deep storage and high-capacity throughput.

  • Self-healing - intelligent software, autonomous correction of problems and errors realigns items to maintain an optimized picking environment, reducing manual intervention up to 90% compared to other solutions.


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RSPS - SM.png

TREWpartner - Berkshire Grey - Robotic Shuttle Product Sortation

Increase picking pieces per hour with advanced order consolidation automation.

  • 4x Improved Labor Efficiency​ – Inventory directed to operator workstations

  • Up To 120 Orders Per Presentation – One operator can pick 1000s of items per hour

  • 10% Increased Order Container Cube Utilization​ – 100-120 Inbound totes per pod per hour 

  • Improved Order Accuracy with Minimal Training​ – Operator intuitive screens, displaying quantity and direction


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AMR - SM.png

Geek+ - AMR Solution

Geek+ Goods-to-Person Picking System is suitable for retail, third-party logistics, apparel, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, 3C, automobile manufacturing, and many other industries.

  • Flexible & scalable solution

  • High efficiency

  • High ROI

  • Quick implementation


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Trew Conveyor Systems

We develop, manufacture, and provide conveyor systems that deliver client value due to their high performance, flexibility, reduced spare parts, and reliable operations.

  • High-Speed Conveyor Systems​

  • Motor-Driven Roller Conveyor Systems


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Customer Experience

With the material handling industry growing and consolidation occurring among OEMs in the industry, Trew saw an opportunity to provide integrators and end-users with a one-stop shop to obtain high quality material handling hardware, software, controls, electrical and service. The intent is that integrators and end users can come to Trew for any of their material handling needs, regardless of project size, and still have accessibility to all of the tools necessary for uncommonly smart material handling solutions.


Great experiences are shared, which is why the TREW Customer Experience team is here to ensure that material handling investments are supported with best-in-class support options to augment any integrators’ current offerings and operations’ current staff. Whether you need Parts, Technical Support, Training, Assessments, and Modifications or Upgrades, Trew is here to provide support to help you reach your operational goals.


Trew Seminar.jpg

Robotics, Automation and Process Oh My, Presented by Pete Guzior and Luther Webb

How do you approach making the best investments for your company? ​

When it comes to enhancing and expanding warehouse and fulfillment operations, working through the range of possible process and technology options can be confusing and hard to put your hands around.​

This session is geared to operational leaders and discusses process and automation technologies and an approach to help you sort through the options. Technologies like cASRS and AMRs will be covered, exploring how they fit into overall solutions to create the desired business results.

  • Overview of Business and Operational KPIs That Inform Automation Decisions​

  • Benefits and Tradeoffs of Investing in Process Improvements and Automation​

  • Explanation of How Automation Technologies Like cASRS, and AMRs Fit into an Overall Solution​

  • Top 5 Time-To-Value Considerations for Automation​


Here are some highlight photos from MODEX 2024:

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