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At Trew, our goal is delivering uncommonly smart solutions to help you, the client, thrive. 

Creating uncommonly smart solutions means starting with your data and defining what matters to you, then following a collaborative process applying proven techniques and technology to challenge convention to deliver concepts that produce the results you want, the ROI you need, and project schedules you can have confidence in.

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Successful solutions start with business goals and then combines people, process and automation tailored to your business goals. Seasonal order volumes, item affinities, inventory ABCD classification, unit cubic movement, product types, labor availability and more all go into the evaluation of the best fit solution. Our team has experience with pallets, case/tote, and each fulfillment along with the know-how to apply technology to achieve the most operational benefits.

Having great technology is, well, great. Having a team for you to work with that has the know-how for combining technology and operations for your specific business goals is the key to delivering a result. We look forward to introducing you to the team. 

TREW Key Benefits

  • Data driven solutions development by former Supply Chain Executives and Operators 

  • Software designed with proven modules combined for your specific operation 

  • Solutions engineering and delivery by a team with 20+ years of client success 

  • We win together as a team – you, us, and our partners 

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