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MODEX 2020

Trew exhibited in booth #9602 during Modex 2020. 

Trew's teammates are our greatest asset. Teammates, their families and our customers are our top priorities. We decided to take a different approach for the show: limiting our participants to a very small group of senior executives, while our other teammates continue delivering customer success.  Our executives took the prudent precautions while staffing the booth, and appreciate the opportunity to meet with our clients, partners, and friends. We had a great level of engagement in the booth.

We know not everyone could make the show, so we put together an interactive digital booth to share the exciting things going on at Trew.  Stop in, look around, engage with the content, and feel free to “scan your badge” for follow up!

TREW BOOTH - final.jpg

MODEX 2020 Booth Features

MDR TREWflow Decline


TREW Hilmot’s MDR TREWflow is designed to relieve the built-up product “back-pressure” on decline conveyor, helping to prevent side by sides and allow easy removal of packages at the discharge end of the conveyor. TREWflow is an all-electronic design with specialized logic to automatically manage flow, maximize the amount of product on the conveyor and establishing a zero-pressure discharge zone. After the discharge product is removed, accumulated products move forward presenting the next product to the operator.


Modex Spiral Tower Render.png

MDR BiDirectional Spiral

Save space and improve conveyor flow in your operation with TREW Hilmot’s motorized roller conveyor spirals. The Series 1500 bidirectional spirals provide smooth accumulation while making major incline and decline elevation changes in the same small footprint. Built-in zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) and polyurethane sleeved rollers come standard to ensure high density accumulation and that product conveys without slipping or toppling.


Series 1500 Conveyor


TREW Hilmot's Series 1500 conveyor is primarily used in the distribution sector for tote and case handling applications. Our standard series product line is highly versatile, easily configured, pre-wired conveyor sections driven by motorized drive rollers. Series 1500 has a weight capacity of less than 60lbs.

Smart Moves Software (3).jpg
H20 ZPA Logic Motor Control Module-cropp

Software & Controls

TREW TKO (Tech King Operations) provides software solutions for integrators serving the warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and retail environments to orchestrate flow of materials, information, people and automation equipment for reliable and productive fulfillment operations.

TREW Hilmot's controls can be used for all types of project sizes and customer needs. Designing them to be interchangeable, expandable and always ready for future automation. Auto, Flex, and Full Control can be mixed and matched for the most flexible and efficient project requirements.


Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 3.15.54 PM.png

IAM Robotics

Robot-To-Goods Picking automates the each-picking process using Autonomous Mobile Manipulation Robots (AMMR). An AMMR is able to navigate fulfillment center environments using perception, navigation, and manipulation. The system works well with a high SKU count and low-order quantity of consumer-packaged goods typically found in the grocery, health and beauty, and pharmaceuticals markets.

For those who could not make it to our booth, here are some highlight photos from our time at MODEX 2020 thus far:

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