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SmartMoves-WX Warehouse Execution System and How Work Gets Done

This session highlights how a warehouse execution system (WES) helps warehouse and fulfillment operations make smart moves to deliver for their customers.

Trew works with clients to blueprint operations building a “winning together” strategy that aligns IT, operations, and management on a plan for success.


Fulfillment Automation and Getting Work Done On Time

This session features technology for automated material handling fulfillment solutions designed to smooth out operations and help get work done on time.

Technologies covered include automatic mobile robots, warehouse execution software, conveyor and sortation solutions; highlighting how to create a solution designed for off-season peaks that flexes to deliver during peak season.


TREW Topper

Hilmot’s TREW Topper, integrated with Bolt, autonomous mobile robot (AMR) from IAM Robotics, provides an alternative solution for material handling and sortation. The two bidirectional single zone intermediates are designed for speed of induction (auto or manual) of items onto the rollers. This keeps the product in place, and then discharges the item from the rollers into the destination. TREW Topper’s modular, pre-wired conveyor sections are mounted on adjustable supports for adaptability. With the help of Bolt, TREW Topper is able to align with two conveyors, or even be staggered. The all electric operation ensures a consistent and quiet system that is easy to maintain.


MDR TREWflow Decline

TREW Hilmot’s MDR TREWflow is designed to relieve the built-up product “back-pressure” on decline conveyor, helping to prevent side by sides and allow easy removal of packages at the discharge end of the conveyor. TREWflow is an all-electronic design with specialized logic to automatically manage flow, maximize the amount of product on the conveyor and establishing a zero-pressure discharge zone. After the discharge product is removed, accumulated products move forward presenting the next product to the operator.


Series 1500 MDR Conveyor

TREW Hilmot's Series 1500 MDR conveyor is primarily used in the distribution sector for tote and case handling applications. Our standard series product line is highly versatile, easily configured, pre-wired conveyor sections driven by motorized drive rollers. Series 1500 has a weight capacity of less than 60lbs.


Software & Controls

TREW TKO (Tech King Operations) provides software solutions for integrators serving the warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and retail environments to orchestrate flow of materials, information, people and automation equipment for reliable and productive fulfillment operations.

TREW Hilmot's controls can be used for all types of project sizes and customer needs - designing them to be interchangeable, expandable and always ready for future automation. Auto, Flex, and Full Control can be mixed and matched for the most flexible and efficient project requirements.


Customer Experience

With the material handling industry growing and consolidation occurring among OEMs in the industry, Trew saw an opportunity to provide integrators and end-users with a one-stop shop to obtain high quality material handling hardware, software, controls, electrical and service. The intent is that integrators and end users can come to Trew for any of their material handling needs, regardless of project size, and still have accessibility to all of the tools necessary for uncommonly smart material handling solutions.


Great experiences are shared, which is why the TREW Customer Experience team is here to ensure that material handling investments are supported with best-in-class support options to augment any integrators’ current offerings and operations’ current staff. Whether you need Parts, Technical Support, Training, Assessments, and Modifications or Upgrades, Trew is here to provide support to help you reach your operational goals.


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